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European Store Launch

Let’s create an empowering festival activation that celebrates the common threads that weave this generation together while helping them discover new things to love about themselves.

Tightly Knit

Communities are essential to the way Gen Z develops a healthy sense of self.

While they may belong to different groups, this generation is united by a shared experience and ethos.

An Amazing Entrance

Guests will enter the festival through a beautiful

maze of knitted thread. Cooperative wayfinding

features encourage participants to work together.

Messages of unity and inclusion further set the

stage for the festival’s communal theme.

Badges of Honor

Let’s bring people together through the unique challenges they’ve overcome. At the festival entrance, guests will select a pin that highlights a challenge they face and wear it throughout the festival, sparking conversation and connection.

Catwalk Together

To promote an inclusive and body-positive community,

we’ll create a catwalk and invite guests to strut their stuff together in the Aerie fits of their choosing. Professional photographers and videographers will

capture every step and sashay to create Insta-worthy

content for the brand and participants.

Model casting requirements_ none 🙅🏼_♀️🙅🏻_♀️🙅🏽_♀️🙅🏾_♀️🙅🏿_♀️ In response to _Victo
Common Thread

To show how our individual diversity combines to create real community, we’ll invite festival goers to create a communal work of art. Each participant will choose an individual thread that best represents their personality or the issues, causes, and beliefs most important to them. These threads will then be knitted together to create a collaborative masterpiece.

Clothing that Connects

Let’s help guests connect with their community through personalized Aerie clothing. Guests choose from unifying messages that reflect their favorite causes and beliefs and we’ll add them to select Aerie products.

In-Store Activations

In addition to the Tightly Knit festival, we will also have programs for selected stores to promote the concept of finding common threads between customers.

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