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Hi! I'm Sammi.

Yes, my last name is spelled correctly.

It's pronounced "Drbal" like "gerbil"

No, I would not like to buy a vowel.

(It's Czech.)

New experiences are what drive me. I must collect as many as I can, like Hungry Hungry Hippos.

I got my start in the wedding floral design world and that's where I discovered I could harness my creativity into a career. It's also where I learned that unless the client is over the moon, the job isn't done.

Like my work? Want travel recommendations? Need a new true crime podcast to listen to? Let's connect!

T O P   F I V E   Q U I R K S

1.  My hair is constantly changing colors

2.  I have a substantial onesie collection

3.  I'm an introvert with extroverted tendencies

4.  I'm a low-key Marvel nerd

5.  I live for theme parties but Halloween stresses me

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