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Fitness + Wellness Summit

We brought together fitness and wellness influencers for a tranquil exploration of reimagining the future of wellness and fitness possibilities. We aimed to be the creative catalyst and guide to a new world of Fitness and Wellness connectivity; strengthening the association between the influencers and Meta's social platforms.

Visual Identity
empathetic     |     inspirational     |     connected

A warm and inviting expression grounded in a modern natural aesthetic, creating a peaceful environment designed to put our creators in an open minded state of ease.


Once they dropped their car at the valet, attendees were greeted by two brand ambassadors and given their credentials, including a sticker denoting their Quest demo time. Once checked in, attendees joined their fellow creators on the patio for breakfast and networking via a welcome archway.

Morning Mingle

During the morning mingle, guests were wowed by a curated selection of refreshments and given the opportunity for a floating content capture.

Throughout the overall summit space we placed static displays, or "Pro Tips", prompting content capture or showcasing new trends and creative methods from fellow creators.

Morning Patio Back Wall
Morning Patio Back Wall
Pro Tips
The Workshop

The workshop was the main event. We had a number of keynote speakers give presentations about a variety of fitness and wellness topics against a thoughtfully designed parametric wall. The space was curated to be comfortable, yet elevated.

Quest Demo