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Fundraising Campaign

Heal the bay, an environmental nonprofit, is looking to build an aquaculture space – the breeding and harvesting of organisms in a water environment. If done properly, it’s an incredibly sustainable way to feed a large number of people. So, rather than following the traditional fundraising formula of pulling on heartstrings, Aquaculture entices  audiences to “Join the movement” as if joining a cult.

Promotional Brochure

To promote the fundraising event, promotional brochures will be sent out to donors explaining Aquaculture and it's benefits. 

VIP Mailer

VIP donors will be sent a complimentary shellfish culinary starter kit that includes a shucking knife, cocktail forks, protective gloves, and recipe cards.

Promotional Posters

Hypnotic propaganda-like posters will be placed throughout Los Angeles enticing viewers to scan the QR code which will take them to a landing page with more details about AquaCult.


Once scanned, the QR code leads to a microsite where users can learn more about Aquaculture, Heal the Bay, as well as the fundraising event.