P L A N T   P A R E N T H O O D

B R A N D I N G ,  E X P E R I E N T I A L  &  M O B I L E   A P P

Plant Parenthood aims to make caring for houseplants easier. The app, launched by a Petal Bike Experience, allows users to track the health of their plants without guesswork while a handy little notebook details how to best care for your plant babies in a fun, cheeky tone.

Strategy: Make plant care approachable through humor

Design Concept: Mom's tender touch meets Dad jokes

plant parenthood-logo-04.png

P E T A L   B I K E   E X P E R I E N C E

The Petal Bike Experience will consist of a 1-hour ride around the city enjoying beverages, transferring a plant to a branded pot, and learning all about the Plant Parenthood app.

petal bike-v3.png

The souvenir seedling will be patrons’ first introduction to the Plant Parenthood app. Experts will show patrons how to add a new plant and find the proper care techniques within the app.

Promotional material will be placed in nurseries and bars to help direct lost and confused potential plant parents to the third-party vendor site where they will be able to purchase tickets for the Petal Bike experience.


C O F F E E   T A B L E   N O T E B O O K

M O B I L E   A P P

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